Our Points Program is now Online!

Sunny Covers Rewards

We're excited to announce that Sunny Covers Points has now launched.

Earlier this year we created a new bundle offer to give customers 10% off when they buy 5 or more of our products. This bundle offer is great for our bigger customers but doesn't help our regular customers out there who don't need to buy those bigger quantities. Our new points program is designed help those customers who keep coming back to Sunny Covers with any order size.

How does it work?

Our points program helps you earn back 5% of your order value to put towards your next order.

Just place any order with us and earn 5 points for every $1 spent. You can then use these points to discount your next order. Check out what your points are worth below.

Spend $100 - Earn 500 Points - Redeem for $5 Discount

Spend $300 - Earn 1,500 Points - Redeem for $15 Discount

Spend $900 - Earn 4,500 Points - Redeem for $45 Discount

Note: Points are not earned on shipping/postage amounts and are only earned on the product price after any discounts are applied.

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