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Purpose built solar inverter covers and battery covers. Designed to protect your solar equipment from weather and allow airflow to keep your solar equipment cool. Made from high quality marine grade aluminium and finished with powder coating. Our covers come including screws and wall plugs for easy installation.


"It arrived quickly and looks great with a high-quality material and finish. It was super easy to install with excellent, clear and simple instructions. The bolts/screws were also good quality. A very solid 5-stars."

Darren | January 2022

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How to Assemble Your Solar Inverter Cover

Shield From Weather

Our solar inverter covers and battery covers are designed to reduce your solar inverter's exposure to sunlight and rain. This helps to extend the lifetime of your solar investment.

Australian Owned

Our solar inverter covers and battery covers are designed in Australia and made from high quality powder coated marine grade aluminium. Support an Australian owned and operated business.

Maintain Warranty

Almost all solar inverter manufacturers require your solar inverter to be away from direct sunlight. Adding a solar inverter cover to your inverter protects your warranty.

Discounts Available

Want to save more on your orders? You can earn 5% back on your next order using our Sunny Points program. Earn 10% off your order by purchasing 5 or more of any cover.

Universal Covers to Suit a Wide Range of Inverters

We know every home is different and so is every solar installation. Our solar inverter covers are made to suit a wide variety of solar inverter brands in a wide variety of situations. Our covers have no cutouts in the front panel which means you have the flexibility to install your cover off center if the surrounding space is tight.

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Product Features

Marine Grade Aluminium

Our covers are made from 2mm 5000 level marine grade aluminium and powdercoated to withstand harsh conditions for years to come.

Wall Mounting Equipment Included

We supply wall plugs and wall screws with out covers to suit most applications. Of course, always consult a trade professional to make sure you are using the right equipment for your own wall.

Easy Access Front Door

To access your inverter just remove the thumb screws on either side by hand and open the front door panel. No need to remove the entire cover from the wall.

Space for Switches & Cabling

Both sides of our inverter covers feature a gap designed with enough clearance for isolator switches and cabling. These gaps also provide space for your inverter fan and airflow to keep your inverter cool.

Product specifications


Solar Inverter Cover - Universal

Large Solar Inverter Cover - Universal





5000 level marine grade aluminium

5000 level marine grade aluminium

Suitable for

Most residential applications up to 8kw without too many obstructions

Bigger residential applications of 10kw or above or where isolator switches need protection