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A purpose built solar inverter cover that looks great too. Our covers are made from 5000 level marine grade aluminium. The design includes clearance on all sides to allow space for airflow which keeps your inverter cool. It also allows clearance for electrical conduits and switches.

Your cover will arrive as 4 main cover pieces along with bolts & screws for assembly and wall screws for mounting. Firstly the 4 main cover pieces are pieced together using bolts and screws. Then insert 4 screws into your wall at the mounting location and mount the cover onto the screws using the mounting points on each leg. You can check out the video on our blog page here to see one of our covers being assembled.

Our solar inverter covers are designed to suit almost all inverters including:

Fronius Primo 3kw - 8.2kw | Fronius Symo 3kw - 20kw | Sungrow - All Sizes | SMA - All Sizes | Goodwe - All Sizes | Growatt - All Sizes


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