Can you install my cover?

No we do not install your cover for you. Anyone confident with hand tools such as a handyman will be able to install our covers in 10-15 minutes.

Do your covers suit my inverter or my space?

Our solar inverter covers are designed to suit most solar inverters. Please check your solar inverter dimensions and compare them with the inverter cover dimensions found on the product page before making a purchase.

How can I access my inverter or battery once the cover is installed?

Our inverter covers have a front panel that can be opened. To view your inverter, simply remove the thumb screws at the bottom of the front panel. Lift the front panel for easy access to your inverter.

Our battery covers use a 'key-hole' design on each leg where it attaches to your wall. To access your inverter all you need to do is lift and pull the cover so that the mounting screws pass through the key-hole on each leg. This allows you to remove the entire cover for easy access.

Where can I find product dimensions?

Product dimensions can be found on in the images on the product page.

Do you make custom size covers?

No we do not make custom size covers. Instead we design our covers to suit most solar inverters and specific batteries.

Can solar inverters be installed outside?

Yes. All solar inverters are designed be installed outside as long as they are protected from direct sunlight. Check out our blog post about solar inverter warranties here.

Can you cover a solar inverter?

Yes. As long as the inverter has sufficient space to allow the internal fan of your inverter to continue cooling then your inverter can be covered. A fully enclosed cover will not allow your inverter to keep itself cool. Our covers are designed to allow enough space for internal cooling as well as space for electrical switches and conduits.

Do I really need a solar inverter cover?

Adding a solar inverter cover will extend the life of your inverter. If your inverter is installed in direct sunlight or is exposed to rain we recommend adding a cover.

How long does delivery take?

Orders take 5 to 7 business days to process and deliver depending on your location. Once you order has been booked for collection, you will receive a tracking email that includes an estimated delivery date.